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Lavender Love
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Lavender Love, a site for those who love lavender! 
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Specializing in Lavender since 2002

Greetings Lavender Love-rs near and far!  We welcome you to Lavender Love™ where you will find an array of aromatic Lavender items that are made with natural ingredients and hand blended just for you!  Products for bath, body and home, created with fragrant herbs and the finest grade of pure essential oils.  Lavender is our specialty!
Lavender at Lavender Love™ is fresh,  sweet, and truly aromatic!

The lure of lavender is centuries old!  It has been used for bathing, cuisine, decorative, herbal and medicinal uses.  Lavender's unmistakable, relaxing aroma makes it one of the most familar herbal fragrances of all! 

Smelling so wonderful and being so beneficial too!  You have so many ways to enjoy lavender, but just remember, while smelling the sweet aromas, you are also gaining the benefits of naturally soothing the body and mind...

Please explore our pages and enjoy! 
We feel blessed that you are here and we wish you a lavender love-ly day!

Stop and smell the Lavender!

Blessings & Bubbles!
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